Nobody’s Idol The Blog

Welcome to the homepage for Nobody’s Idol.  Here you will find all information regarding the original production that took place at the 2013 Toronto Fringe as well as new blog posts from the playwright, composer, lyricist and producer, Alexandra Lean.   Click on the blog posts to the right to read about any updates on the future of this show and the other projects she has in the works.  What is a creative life after Fringe?  Will it ever be the same?  Is it a distant memory never to be lived again?  Find out after the break (and really who knows how long this break could take – zombies could be ruling the earth by then).

by Alexandra Lean

(nobodysidol.wordpress.com – you’re here!)
presented by Alexandra Lean Productions from Toronto, ON

Misfits and wannabes duel with their voices for the grand prize, a ‘lifetime supply of fame’ at the world’s most popular televised competition. A kick-ass musical parody bursts onto the Toronto scene where Nobodies become Somebodies, or do they? What would you sing to become the ultimate somebody?

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